Keswick School Latinists have passed the Cambridge Latin course test

Last week students at Keswick School successfully completed the Cambridge Latin beginner’s course. The course, which is story based, provides a carefully paced introduction to Latin, which is complemented by background information on Roman culture and civilisation. The course allows pupils to complete a range of topics which include; Roman Theatre and Food, Roman Baths, Gladiators, Life after Death and Slavery.

The fourteen students have been taught after school in the Library by Mrs Marcela Jackson.  They completed the course and then sat an exam which was moderated by the Cambridge School Classics Project. Having passed the beginners course pupils will now start working towards a GCSE in Latin. A new beginner’s class will start in September.

All of the pupils have done fantastically well and have all been issued with certificates by Headteacher, Simon Jackson. The top marks within the group were achieved by Araminta Grabrovaz-Tilzey (Year 7), Eleanor Saville (Year 10) and Rosie Wilson (Year 9). 

Mrs Jackson said “I’ve been really impressed by how determined and dedicated all the students have been, they deserve the success they have achieved in the recent exams”.

Simon Jackson, Headteacher, said “At Keswick School we aim to develop every pupil’s talents, and allow them to broaden their horizons. Giving pupils the opportunity to complete this Latin course and then work toward a Latin GCSE has allowed pupils to expand their knowledge by trying something new.”