Keswick School hopes herdwick will bring the crowds flocking!

Keswick School has designed and painted a herdwick sheep as part of the ‘Go herdwick’ Calvert Trust Public Art Trail 2016. The herdwick sheep was purchased through generous sponsorship from Caterite and Pioneer Foods, two food suppliers who help Keswick School provide an award winning catering service to 4 schools and a nursery.

During the autumn term a competition was held to find the best design for the herdwick sheep. Over 60 entries were received. The winning design was produced by Jenny Gillon in Year 7. This depicts a number of iconic images from Keswick and the surrounding area on one side and images of school sport and performing arts on the other. The colour combinations are bright and bold and create a distinctive and eye catching design. 
Jenny Gillon (Year 7) said:
‘Keswick has such a lovely landscape and I really wanted to show that on my design. I’ve previously won a couple of competitions at Paddle primary school agricultural shows and my parents, who are both artistic, really inspire and encourage me. I hope everyone likes the design.’
Janine Hallworth, the Head of Art, said:
‘Many congratulations to Jenny for her superb design which captures the attractions of Keswick and aspects of school life very successfully.’
Following two coats of yacht varnish the sheep will be located within the school’s grounds but visible from Church Lane near the Crosthwaite Church. 
Simon Jackson, the Head teacher, said:
‘I’m delighted that we can support the Calvert Trust in this way. There were many imaginative designs but Jenny’s really captured the spirit of Keswick. I hope it will encourage many people to visit the area and follow the trail.’
Keswick School’s herdwick sheep will be auctioned to raise money for the Calvert Trust once the art trail closes.