Technical Award in Fashion & Textiles

The Fashion and Textiles Technical Award is worth one GCSE and provides a good grounding for pupils thinking about fashions and textiles at A level or any fashion, textile, design or creative career. Students will develop valuable and sought after transferable skills, including communication and teamwork, along with an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of commercial processes. The course covers three units:

Unit 1: Skills demonstration

In Year 10 students carry out a number of bite-sized and varied practical projects. One of the set mini projects will be based on transferable teamwork skills. Students produce a series of small practical pieces and record their work in a portfolio.

Unit 2: Extended making project

The extended project in Year 11 allows students to showcase the skills they have developed in Unit 1 and knowledged gains in unit 3. The project will be in response to a brief, Students will develop skills in planning and development, making, testing, evaluation ad communication.

Unit 3: Fundamentals of fashion and textiles
Students will study the fundamentals of the fashion and textiles industry and the industrial and commercial processes that exist within it. They will learn about materials and their properties and also about careers within the industry.

Unit 1: 12 core skills completed in Year 10, 30% of overall qualification.
Unit 2: Opportunity to showcase the skills developed in Unit, 30% of overall qualification.
Unit 3: One hour and 30 mins written paper, 40% of the overall qualification. A mixture of multiple choice and short and extended response questions.