Academic Life

All Schools aim and have a responsibility to teach up to a standard whereby pupils are able to pass exams. Keswick School, however, goes above and beyond that responsibility, training pupils to higher levels than required and instilling in each pupil, a passion for learning and thirst for knowledge.

All teachers at Keswick are highly qualified and enthusiastic and with the use of new interactive technologies at their fingertips, staff can work with individuals, catering for everybody’s needs. With 82% of pupils attaining grade 4 or above in English and maths (compared to the national average of 62%) and 19 grades 9's in Engish and 11 in maths, you can see that Keswick School truly does provide a first class education for all pupils.

At GCSE, it is mandatory for pupils to study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and it is strongly recommended that pupils continue learning either German or French as well. The reason Keswick School is insistent upon all pupils attaining GCSEs in these subjects is because it is our belief that a strong understanding of the sciences, accompanied by Language and Maths skills, gives a pupil the best chance and a ‘leg-up’ in what is an increasingly competitive world.

As well as these compulsory subjects, the school offers a wide array of other GCSEs including: Geography, History, French, German, Philosophy and Ethics, Computing/ICT, Design Technology, Business Studies, Music, Art, Craft and Design, Engineering, Fashion and Textiles, Visual Communication and Physical Education.  We are also running Technical Awards in Performing Arts and Hospitality and Catering.

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Keswick School Sixth Form offers an equally eclectic collection of courses to satisfy each pupils’ needs, ranging from traditional subjects such as the sciences, English and Mathematics and many new, exciting opportunities, for example Sociology and Psychology.

The teaching staff are all selected carefully, making sure that only the best, most engaging and knowledgeable staff teach our pupils, however, as more independent learning is encouraged in order to prepare sixth form students for university, teachers sometimes act more as shepherds, guiding A-level pupils rather than teaching in a prescriptive fashion.

Right through the school, from Year seven to Year thirteen, there is emphasis placed upon students learning for themselves, even if this means they make some minor mistakes along the way. This is why interactive learning and educational trips are such a large part of school life. Not only do trips excite pupils and inspire them to learn, they also allow pupils to identify and understand the relevance and application of what they are learning. There are many opportunities for pupils to gain experience like this, including trips to France, Germany and Rome and many opportunities closer to home, such as a Year thirteen Biology trip to Manchester University, where pupils get the chance to sequence their own DNA.

At Keswick School, the overall aim of the staff is to prepare pupils for university and the wider world. It is clear that universities look for students with the best grades both at GCSE and A-level and for the most enthusiastic applicants. Keswick School’s record of grades and the number of pupils going on to study at Oxbridge and Russell group universities speaks for itself. Academic life at Keswick School is fun, demanding and always varied.