Author Visit

Helen Robinson, English Teacher and Librarian at Keswick School, decided that for World Book Day this year she would launch a ‘Keswick School Book Award’ whereby six titles are chosen and the school would run thier own book award, voting for the winner at the end of the school year.

Helen contacted authors and publishers to tell them their book had been chosen, also requested any posters or bookmarks they might have to help promote their book.  Jane Brittan volunteered to come up from London, where she lives and works as a University lecturer in creative writing and thinking, to speak to the students.

She did five sessions throughout the day for all our students in Key Stage 3 and some in Year 10.  Her presentations were lively and covered a range of topics including how to develop your own creativity, books that have inspired her and some of the books she has written.  She gave a reading from Bad Blood: Part One as this is the title that is in our Book Award, conducted a Q & A session with each group and finished off with book sales and signings.  At the end of the day she commented that it was a lovely school with a really welcoming atmosphere and excellent students.

Some comments from students:

It inspired me to read more and also have fun with a book and enjoy it and try new things instead of just staying with the same old type of book
Mia Parry (from Workington)

I thought the author was crazy and funny and really interesting.  She really made me want to read her book.
Jack Peet (from Keswick)

She inspired me to be more curious and see things differently.  I would rate it 10/10 as I was fully awake and listening to everything for the full hour!
Danny Davies (from Egremont)