Head Boy and Head Girl

A levels give you the opportunity to expand on the interests that you’ve found in GCSE courses by enabling you to study your chosen subjects in more depth, or to discover a new passion in subjects like psychology or media studies. Sixth Form study at Keswick School also gives you more independence in your learning. EPQ allows you to research and report on almost anything that interests you. Outside the classrooms, the study areas in the Sixth Form Centre provide a quiet place to continue class work or revise in study periods, and the common room allows Sixth Formers an area to relax and socialise.

The Judi Dench Performing Arts Theatre, which is our drama studio, and the Macbook media studies suite are prime examples of the high standard of the facilities the school has to offer. You can now also use your own personal IT device because of the ‘Bring your own device’ scheme.

Along with independence comes responsibility. As older pupils of the school community, you’re expected to be role models to the lower school. As Head Boy, I see the direct effects prefects have which benefit the school community: whether this is as a form prefect, spending time and advising the younger students, or as a charity prefect, organising inclusive fundraising for great causes.

The support the Sixth Form staff offer you with your UCAS or apprenticeship application is extraordinary: for example, guiding you in writing your personal statement. Your hard work and determination will help you to succeed and reach your full potential, here at Keswick School.

Head Boy

 It didn’t occur to me to consider studying A levels anywhere other than at Keswick School. From my first day, I have constantly benefited from not only the high standard of teaching and academic excellence, but also the rich sense of community prevalent among students and staff. Keswick Sixth Form is like a family, employing a nurturing yet firm approach to ensure the personal and academic success of all its members.

Especially in Sixth Form, you have the opportunity to build personal relationships with teachers. Their evident passion and dedication have inspired and challenged me to strive for the best. Keswick School is a place where dreams truly can be realised.

The opportunities available to everyone here are innumerable. On an academic level, there are fantastic super-curricular clubs like Bar Mock Trial to support your post-18 aspirations.That is not to say everything is about work! Students have fun and relax through extracurricular activities including drama, music and sports. Our annual iPerform festival is a highlight for many, as is the school musical. Should you wish to set up your own club, staff are eager to support and advise.

Though it may seem far away, it is never too soon to consider options for after Sixth Form. Our full-time careers advisor provides a wealth of information about universities, apprenticeships, gap years and more. This, along with the diligent Sixth Form team, means you will never feel abandoned when planning your future. Being Head Girl has given me an insight into the exclusive level of support at Keswick that students are lucky to receive.

There is also the opportunity through subject coaching and peer mentoring to give something back. The symbiotic relationship between pupils and the school is an undeniable reason why Keswick Sixth Form is surely the only choice for those who have the drive and determination to excel.

Head Girl