Inspirational graphics welcome new Year 7 students to Keswick School

Keswick School has a national reputation for creativity and innovation. These are some of the essential ingredients which make education exciting, enjoyable and world leading. Our approach is to use the specialist knowledge and expertise of our staff as role models as well as outstanding teachers.
Alan Nanson teaches Technology and Graphics in Keswick School. He entered teaching following a successful career in Graphic design where he was commissioned to produce leaflets, pamphlets and prospectuses by multi-national firms and universities. As a teacher of Graphics, Alan inspires students to think out of the box and apply their skills and knowledge to find solutions to challenging problems.
With such expertise it is no wonder that Alan is also the architect of the school prospectus and last year created one of the school's landmarks, a Banksy inspired stencil of a student considering Einstein's special theory of relativity. 
This year four incredible composite images have welcomed our new Year 7 pupils on their first day at Keswick School. The brief was to blend images of our local environment and community with the opportunities students have at Keswick School. Alan's creations have been meticulously printed on our new Year 7 lockers. The result is breath taking and has made quite a first impression on our youngest students!
“My idea was to use iconic views from different points on the compass so that these could be viewed on the four banks of lockers from the centre of the locker hall. The concept aims to show a modern dynamic school thriving within the traditional background of the Lake District. The images were montaged together using high resolution photographs in Photoshop.”
Mr Nanson (Graphics teacher)


“Education is more than just exam results, it's about inspiring young people to be imaginative, ambitious and to believe they can achieve their dreams. The environment they work in is part of the mix, alongside a strong and supportive school community. These designs underpin our ethos and I am grateful to Pete Tasker for the rights to use the landscape images and Rob Grange for the school photos.”
Mr Jackson (Head teacher)