Keswick Rotary Club awards successful Technology Students

Keswick Rotary Club again kindly judged the GCSE projects of Keswick School pupils and awarded prizes to their favourite 3 in each subject area. 

The winners this year were : 
Resistant Materials 1st Finlay Sleath, 2nd Tom Hind, 3rd Anisya Morrison; 
Graphic Products 1st Jenny Laws, 2nd Harry Bolton, joint 3rd Daniel Sant & Jake Sampson; 
Textiles 1st Anna Bergerud, 2nd Jenny Laws, 3rd Anisya Morrison; 
Electronic Products 1st Nathan Watson, 2nd, Robert Edmiston, 3rd Harry Dowber. 

Graham Thompson of the Rotary Club commended the pupils on the huge amount of effort and creativity that the pupils had shown and June Houghton from ‘Needles & Pins’ shop in Keswick congratulated the pupils on the excellent quality of work they’d produced and looked forward to displaying them in her shop window later in the term. 

Tim Mather, Head of Technology at Keswick School, thanked the Rotary Club for their support which gives the pupils an incentive to ‘go the extra mile’ with their projects. A selection of this year’s projects will hopefully again be displayed in Booth’s window in Keswick over the summer.