Keswick School Headline at the Midsummer Festival

Saturday’s performance of Keswick School’s iPerform at the Midsummer Festival was a huge success. The sun shone down on all of the pupil performers and brought a crowd with it.

The pupils performed a variety of different pieces which included, A level Drama pieces and solo acoustic sets. Mr David Melling, Head of Drama, and Daniel Ball, year 12, both hosted the evening and also performed throughout.

Jody Rafferty started the event with a wonderful tap dance which was highly technical and spectacular to watch. She then returned to perform a duet dance they both had magnificent costumes and danced beautifully.

The very talented Hannah Pitchford then went on to perform 3 excellent songs, and crowd grew significantly.

The year 12 students then performed a piece from their A Level Drama course. A group of students performed ‘Pool. No Water’ which was followed by a duologue by Daniel Ball and Evie Webzell. Evie then had the audience enthralled with a striking dance performance.

The music department showcased some of their singers and performers. John Tirrell sung and played guitar, year 9 Matthew Johnstone followed him and sung three fantastic covers. Finally, a band of three girls Laura, Alessia and Bethan sang 2 covers and ended with a brilliant mash- up.

All in all the night was a wonderful success, which both audience and students thoroughly enjoyed.