Keswick School come together for another Amazing Lipdub Performance

The culmination to Keswick School’s iPerform festival saw pupils and staff raise the bar by holding an amazing whole school Lipdub. This is the second time the school have performed a Lipdub, and after the great success of the event two years ago the school decided that they would perform another, making it bigger and better than ever. 

Filming started in the morning with different groups of pupils and staff performing sections of the song that was written and performed by students and staff. The afternoon saw the finale of the event which took place on the school field.  This involved the whole school coming together to spell out the school’s name. This climax was filmed by photographer, Rob Grange, who used a drone, which instantly shows the fantastic location of Keswick School.  The amazing atmosphere showed the immense sense of community that Keswick School have. 

This year’s event differed from the previous Lipdub as the pupils and staff performed to a song that was created by pupils and the school’s music department. The theme of the song is innovation and includes references to a number of local landmarks. 

The video of the event was shown to pupils and staff in the end of term assembly’s which took place on Friday morning. The atmosphere in the Queen’s Hall was as electric as when the filming took place and the pupils had a sense of pride in producing such an amazing video. 

The video of Keswick School’s lipdub which can be seen on the school’s website at  You will be truly amazed at what can be achieved in a day at Keswick School!