Keswick School students celebrate record breaking GCSE results

Today Keswick School students will be receiving a spectacular set of GCSE results which far exceeds the school’s previous record results by more than 6% and completely bucks the national trend. Full details of all the main threshold measures will be released on Friday 8th September as agreed by the Cumbria Association of Secondary Head teachers.

We are absolutely delighted for all our students who have achieved exceptional results in the face of the newly reformed qualifications in English and Maths. It is a testament to their dedication and ambition and reflects the incredible support provided by a highly skilled specialist staff team.

As well as smashing all our previous performance records some 30 new grade 9s were awarded to students in English Language, English Literature and Maths. Considering the publicity that this grade would be very rarely achieved makes these results even more exceptional. We would like to congratulate all our students who have achieved so highly and, in particular:

Connor Richards (Keswick) who achieved 8A* grades + 9,9,9
James Mattinson (Keswick) who achieved 9A* grades + 9,9,8
Rosie Wilson (Cockermouth) who achieved 8A* grades + 9,9,8
Laura Wilson (Cockermouth) who achieved 7A* and 1B grade + 9,9,8
Sarah Hobbs (Cleator) who achieved 5A* and 3A grades + 9,9,7
Caitlin McKeever (Keswick) who achieved 8A* + 9,8,7
Catherine Fryer-Spedding (Keswick) who achieved 6A* and 2A grades + 9,7,7
Bryony Sleath (Keswick) who achieved 5A* and 3A grades + 9,8,7
Oliver Dustin (Workington) who achieved 4A* and 4A grades + 9,8,7

“Keswick School is proud to work in partnership with our students, their families and the wider community. I would like to recognise the amazing hard work of all our students and staff and congratulate them on these fabulous results. It is also important to recognise that success isn’t just measured by exam results and I am equally proud to recognise the fantastic, confident and highly articulate young people that will be collecting their results today. I look forward to welcoming the vast majority of them back to start their A-levels in our Sixth Form in September.”
Simon Jackson (Head teacher)

“Keswick students must be heartily congratulated on their outstanding performance in producing Keswick School’s best ever exam results at GCSE. The staff must take credit for their dedication to the students and the meticulous preparation for the examinations. These results once again demonstrate that Keswick is an outstanding, inclusive and caring school.”
Steven Throp (Chair of the Board of Directors)