Keswick School travels back to the Elizabethan age to celebrate Shakespeare

To mark four hundred years since the death of William Shakespeare, Keswick School’s Year 7 pupils will travel back to the Elizabethan age on Friday, 24th June.

To celebrate the legacy of our national Bard, pupils will engage in a full day of Elizabethan activities – showcasing how people lived four hundred years ago and further exploring the work of Shakespeare.

Now in its second year, pupils will enjoy baking Elizabethan biscuits; will prepare bangs and explosions for an Elizabethan stage play; and will create frighteningly realistic stage wounds. 

This year, they’ll also experience what their school-day would have been like at the time of Shakespeare – by taking part in an Elizabethan schoolroom in the Keswick School grounds, and enjoying a range of outdoor sports from the era.

As usual, the fun-packed day will be preceded during the evening of the 23rd with the much-loved final of the Year 7 ‘Shakespeare by Heart’ competition. This annual competition sees pupils from across Year 7 recite their favourite Shakespearean passages in front of a live audience.