Keswick pupils’ mathematical journey

Year 8 pupils enjoyed a maths curriculum day, they took part in activities on problem solving, proportion and geometry. Pupils performed tricky straight edge and compass constructions to make Christmas decorations from pentagonal bipyramids, produced artwork based on proportion and investigated puzzles.

Kevin Ely, Lead teacher of maths said:

‘The day gave us an opportunity to explore how maths can be both challenging and fun’. Joe Hannaway, Head of Year 8 praised the helpful nature of the students, saying ‘Keswick pupils have regularly demonstrated a strong sense of community and this was once again apparent during the Year 8 maths day’.

Simon Jackson, Head teacher said:

‘Pupils at Keswick School see maths as an exciting and innovative subject. In fact the maths department are quick to point out that everything can be seen from a mathematical view point! It is the sense of discovery and an enjoyment of grappling with difficult maths problems that has seen our A-level Maths numbers rocket in the past few years with many students now continuing their maths studies at Oxbridge and other top universities.’