Recording breaking A-level results and a huge increase in A* grades

Keswick School is celebrating a record breaking set of A-level results that will place the school amongst the highest performing in the country.

Students achieved 72 A* grades with 39% of all grades being at A*-A, an exceptional 6% increase on last year’s record results. 22 students achieved three or more A* and A grades. Amongst many exceptional performances 50% of grades awarded in English Literature and Physics were at A*-A, with 47% and 43% of grades awarded in Maths and History respectively also at this high standard. Students undertaking the BTEC IT and Business courses also achieved highly.
The school’s overall A*-C % increased to 84% (a new record for Keswick School) with students studying German, French and Government and Politics all achieving 100% A*-C grades.
Matthew Blair (Whitehaven) achieved A*A*A*A* and will read Chemical Engineering at Trinity College, Cambridge. Kim Robinson (Workington), recipient of the Steven Luckman bursary for Science, achieved A*A*A*A* and will read Maths at University College, Oxford. Emily Pratt (Keswick), recipient of the Gilbert Smithson Adair bursary, achieved A*A*A* and will read Natural Sciences (Biological) at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Ben Naylor (Whitehaven) achieved A*A*A* and will read Engineering Science at Jesus College, Oxford. Joseph Hoyle (Lamplugh) achieved A*AAA and will read German and Persian at Jesus College, Oxford and Geoffrey Mawdsley received A*A*A and will read Psychology at Magdalene College, Cambridge.
There were many other stunning achievements by students of all abilities. This success is rooted in a school culture that is both supportive and promotes friendly competition. The result is highly motivated students guided by dedicated, specialist staff and supported by parents. The school has a programme in place to ensure that every Sixth Form student has the aspiration to achieve highly. The results are self-evident. In return Sixth Form students provide the role models and inspiration for younger students to follow in their footsteps.
This year’s Sixth Form students deserve their tremendous success and can now look forward to a very bright future at university and beyond.


“Our Sixth Form students buy into the unique ethos of Keswick School and contribute enormously to our every day activity. Year 13 were a remarkable year group and richly deserve this success. Over the last couple of years they’ve grown into confident, articulate and thoughtful young people and they’re now well prepared for greater success at university and in whichever direction they then choose to go in. I’d like to thank them for inspiring the staff and I’d also like to thank my staff who are themselves an inspiration and deliver exceptional teaching and learning opportunities which are a hallmark of our school. Lastly I’d thank our parents for placing their trust in us to guide their children in a happy and ambitious school community.”
Simon Jackson (Headteacher)
“I add my congratulations to the Year 13 students who have worked with dedication and commitment throughout the last two years to achieve great success. They are now moving on to a range of exciting new challenges at university or in the world of work. They have been supported by enthusiastic and hard-working teachers, their parents and one another.”
Neil Hadfield (Head of Sixth Form)
“Once again our A level students have achieved truly tremendous results. Our congratulations go out to each and every one of them. The outstanding results are evidence of the positive attitude that our students have towards their future, aspiring to achieve their very best. I would thank them, the staff that have taught and inspired them and their friends and family for supporting them. They now take the next step to a bright future and we wish them every success on their chosen path.” 
Sarah Peck (Chair of Governors)
“fantastic, I received all the support I ever needed and I couldn’t have imagined being at another Sixth Form, it has been the best two years of my life.  I have aleays been academically pushed, and loved studying my subjects”. 
Joe Hoyle, Head Boy

Nadia Roberts is going to study Medicine at Queen Mary College in London.  She was delighted with her results and commented that
“seeing everyone else get their results was just fantastic.  The school has been really supportive and the sixth form is a really close knit community, everyone gets on really well.  You get to spend time with your friends who also support you and help you keep motivated”.
“the teachers have been fantastic.  They have really inspired me, I have enjoyed my time at Keswick and the friendly competition with other students really kept me motivated”.
Matthew Blair