School Transport

If home is more than three miles from the school and within the Keswick catchment area, the Authority will pay the cost of approved transport for 11-16.  Bus passes will be issued by the Authority. Parental co-operation is sought in maintaining high standards of pupil conduct on school buses or public transport.

Keswick School has a large number of pupils attending who live out of the catchment area. There are many designated private companies that provide transport from various areas around the County. For further information on the existing bus routes, please contact Mrs Tracey Troman on for details.

Pupils may cycle to school. However, parents are requested to check that their child is competent to handle a cycle and their bicycle is roadworthy. There is limited accommodation for the storage of bicycles and parents are asked to obtain a cycle permission form from the Year Head. Helmets are compulsory.

If for any reason a pupil misses the homeward bus, he/she should report personally to the School Office.

Year 7 and 12 Students First Day Back in September - Wednesday 2nd September

As Year 7 and 12 will return a day before the rest of school in September we will be organising some buses to collect any students  who may need to travel on a  bus on that day. Unfortunately we are only able to supply buses for children from the West Cumbria area. The bus routes that are available are information are shown below.

Bus Route 1 - Dearham, Prospect and Bothel 
Bus Route 2 - Workington and Cockermouth
Bus Route 3 - Whitehaven