Steven Luckman bursary awards - 2014

Three Year 12 students at Keswick School have been awarded a Steven Luckman bursary to support their studies and interests in science and technology. The promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects and careers is regarded as a national priority.

The Steven Luckman bursary is an annual award set up to provide support for students seeking to further their interests in science and technology. It provides financial support to help students attend science and technology related courses, activities or work experience. The bursary was established in memory of Steven Luckman (1973 – 2010) who attended Keswick School from 1982 until 1989. His interest in science led to a degree at York University and a PhD at Sheffield University. He continued to work in research at the Universities of Cardiff and Bergen, Norway and was awarded “The International Scientist of the Year 2007”.

The Steven Luckman bursary was set up by Steven’s parents, George and Maureen Luckman, to remember Steven’s life and contribution to science. They lived in Keswick from 1978 and ran the “Cumbrian Crafts” shop until 1996, when they moved to Torquay.

The recipients of the Steven Luckman bursary this year are Olivia Lesley, Lucy Mather and Kim Robinson. Olivia used her bursary to attend a Headstart Engineering course at Coventry University in July. This was a five day course that involved a variety of engineering lectures and challenges.

‘This experience has helped me decide to apply for a biomedical engineering course at university.’

Lucy used her bursary to attend a Headstart Engineering course at Heriot Watt University

‘Before the course I knew I wanted to go into engineering, but was unsure what discipline, so the projects throughout the week on different areas of engineering helped me to decide on my degree choice. As a result I am now applying to a Mechanical Engineering degree.’

Kim used her bursary to attend a Headstart Maths and Physics course.

‘It was a very interesting experience and showed me what it would be like to learn these subjects at university. It helped me decide I want to study maths at university.’

‘Steven was inspired by the science he experienced at Keswick School. The bursary in his memory will give our students today and in the future opportunities that will also help inspire them to follow in his footsteps.’
Simon Jackson, the Head teacher