Role of Prefects

Prefects play a vital part in the running of Keswick School; assisting and supporting both staff and pupils. The school currently has a team of around 65 prefects split between the three different types of role; Form Prefects, Departmental Prefects and Corridor Prefects. All of which are lead by a team 9 Co-ordinating Prefects

Each of the team has individual responsibilities to take care of on a daily basis.

Prefects organise varying fundraising events throughout the year from school disco’s to talent contests and non-uniform days.
Each form in the lower school has at least two Form Prefects attached to them. Prefects visit their forms twice a week to assist the Form Heads and to support the younger pupils. The prefects also organise fun activities in the form periods for the pupils to take part in; for example, a weekly quiz.

Departmental Prefects assist teaching staff in their lessons through supporting pupils and offering help with work. Each prefect is assigned to a department, to which they offer an hour a week to. Most of this time is spent in lessons but also outside of the classroom, helping to prepare notice boards and other displays.

Corridor Prefects help during break and lunch time by supervising the canteen corridor and queues.

Overall, the Prefect Team play a very important role in the life of Keswick School and all put a lot of effort in to making the school’s systems run smoothly and helping organise fun events for other pupils.


Keswick School Prefects from Keswick School on Vimeo.

The senior prefects along side the media production company, Nick and Sophie, have created this video to show the role of the prefects within school. There are different roles that a prefect can apply for which include corridor prefects, form prefects, subject prefects and charity prefects.