Languages and Science stand out at Keswick School!

The newly published school performance tables reveal the exceptional progress made by students at Keswick School in languages and science. This is notable at a time when the national performance in languages and science is coming under close scrutiny, particularly regarding the recruitment of high quality teachers.


Keswick School's progress score for languages was an incredibly impressive 0.79, with science achieving an almost equally impressive 0.62. This places both subjects amongst the very best schools nationally.


These achievements top an amazing few months for both subjects. The International Languages Centre was formally opened a couple of weeks ago and will deliver classes in French, German, Spanish and Latin. The science department opened a brand new laboratory last term and has two sponsored laboratories, the Steven Luckman laboratory and the Gilbert Smithson Adair laboratory.


Unfortunately headline measures can sometimes be misleading. Progress and attainment measures can be distorted by schools entering entire cohorts for a vocational course and some non-traditional courses are marketed as 'easier options'.


The only accurate way to gauge school performance is to delve deeper than just the headlines. The school performance tables allows parents to do just that.


By searching for a school parents can see how well the school is achieving. The really revealing indicators of the progress that students make in the curriculum are given at the bottom of the school's performance page by scrolling down to the tabs:

EBacc additional measures

Other measures


At Keswick School we focus on doing what is right for our students. We provide opportunities to build their character and confidence and helping them to achieve their ambitions. That's what makes Keswick School a happy and purposeful community


Keswick School is a National Teaching School and part of the Western Lakes Teaching School Alliance. If you are interested in training as a teacher through a well established and highly successful Initial Teacher Training programme please contact us: