Newsletter - Christmas 2019

Working with children is definitely one of the best jobs around. Speaking to such positive, caring and generous young people on a daily basis is uplifting and fills me with optimism for the future. Of course, that future is their future and at Keswick School students are nothing if not pro-active when it comes to making their voices heard! Earlier this term we participated in the UK Youth Parliament vote. Every student was invited to take part in voting booths set up in the Queen's Hall. The senior prefect team oversaw the vote and every precaution was taken to ensure electoral fairness! The students overwhelmingly voted for two issues to be taken forward on a national agenda; the climate crisis and raising awareness about mental health issues. Our democratically elected school representatives in the super council have picked up this baton and we have pledged to go single use plastic free by Easter, to encourage a better recycling culture and to work towards becoming carbon neutral. As a result we are installing more water fountains across the school and will have a two day single use plastic free trial on the 16th and 17th of January - please remember to bring drinks in reusable bottles! Over the two days, recycled stationary and reusable water bottles will be available to purchase from the environment group in the main foyer.


Another strategy is to cut our paper use. Currently we spend over £30,000 on paper and then more on having the waste paper removed and recycled! There must be a better way than this in the 21st Century! Working on paper will always be important but we can certainly cut down on how much we use and adopt a more university style approach to learning where our digital natives (children!) can quickly link various multimedia resources to build and develop their learning. Please see the item about how your child can bring their own device into school later in this newsletter.


Being optimistic is one thing but seizing opportunities is another! This term students from across the school have achieved remarkable success in a wonderful array of different activities. We celebrate their success in the regular weekly Parent mail bulletins and we are always keen to hear of individual success achieved outside of school. Some of the recent highlights include: our Kid's Lit team winning the national finals in London (they are now raising funds to travel to the international finals in New Zealand in July), the Mock Trial team winning the northern finals in Newcastle (they will be travelling to the Old Bailey for the national finals in the new year) and the Rotary MasterChef competition earlier this week (the winner will be off to the next round after some expert guidance from a top chef from the Lake District Hotels). All these stories can be found in more detail under the latest news tab on the school website (


School should be fun and it is nice to see smiling faces. Upon this, and with your support, academic success is built and this was once again recognised in the Sunday Times where we were listed in the top 20 schools in the North West. A tribute to our young people, the dedication of the staff and the support we receive from parents.


I wish you a happy and restful Christmas and New Year.


Mr S Jackson

Head teacher