Top tips for Boarders

So that you can be better prepared for life in Boarding, here are a few tips written by boarders, which are not shown in the downloadable pupil guide. They are in no particular order and we hope you will find something new and interesting in the list below:
  • Be confident and express yourself!
  • Live life to the fullest because your time at Lairthwaite goes quickly.
  • Name all your clothes with SEWN IN labels, or written on with sharpie pens. Iron on labels come off in the wash.
  • Take part in after school activities and join clubs. Great for making mates out of boarding and school.
  • Winter comes quickly! Make sure you have the right things, like the right shoes and layers etc.
  • Bring enough knickers.
  • Don’t bring too many clothes/things (but don’t bring too little)
  • Do your homework as quick as you can in prep so that the rest of the night you can chill out and not worry about homework the next day.
  • Dont worry about stuff. There is always someone to ask if you have a problem. Things always get sorted.
  • Don’t be shy if you need to know something. Don’t be too scared to ask, and try to make new friends. It will make it easier to settle in.
  • Don’t be a follower of things you do not want to do. No one will think any lass of you if you say you are not comfortable with what they are doing.
  • It is a great experience in your life. Enjoy it, because it is once in a lifetime. Although you sometimes feel homesick, it is fun. It is very different from where I come from, but it is good to learn new cultures and lifestyles.
  • I brought in lots of postcards from home to brighten up my dorm area, and I told my grandparents the house address so they could write to me.
  • When looking around the school, ask the current pupils loads of questions, like which sports are best, what are the teachers like. They will be the people who know school the best.
  • If you get stuck in prep with complicated stuff, ask an older boarder who has probably done it already, or ask staff who can also help.
  • Boarding is great fun. Don’t worry if you get homesick, there is always a friendly smile from staff or friends. Before we go to sleep, it is a good chance to catch up on all the gossip. There are always activities every weekend, and lots of chances to watch TV if you want.