Technical Award in Visual Communication

This qualification is designed for students who want to study Visual Communication in a hands on, practical way that helps them develop the knowledge, skills and experience that could open the doors to a career in the design industry.

Students will have the opportunity to use traditional skills, such as drawing and sketching in 2D and 3D and also modern technologies, including web design.

Methods of communication include: freehand sketching, use of colour, presentation techniques, pictorial drawing, working drawings, two-point perspective, digital photography, web design and Computer Aided Design, as well as modelling of prototypes in card and Computer Aided Manufacture.

Unit 1:
12 practical skills completed in Year 10 (30% of overall qualification). A series of small making projects, recorded in a portfolio.

Unit 2: Design and Making (36 hours of controlled assessment, 30% of overall qualification). A single design and making activity selected from a range of set tasks.

  • Branding and packaging for a sports company
  • Promotional materials for an adventure holiday aimed at teenagers
  • Promotional materials for a new boutique hotel
  • Fundraising pack and poster campaign for a charity chosen by you
  • Branding and packaging for a new range of beauty products

Unit 3: Examination (30% of overall qualification). A mixture of multiple choice and short and extended response questions.

This subject combines well with art, for pupils who are considering artistic design careers, or with sciences for pupils considering engineering or architectural type careers and provides a good foundation for A level Product Design.