GCSE Dance

To coincide with the school's exciting new build and the bespoke drama and dance facilities being created at Keswick we are delighted to offer GCSE Dance as a new option. (This course cannot be combined with GCSE Drama).

This is an ideal choice for any student who has the enthusiasm, the interest, the talent or the commitment to dance. Previous experience is an advantage but not essential.

As performers Students will develop confidence and self-esteem. They will increase body awareness, as well as sensitivity to others and team working skills. Effective performance requires physical effort and the determination to improve and succeed. Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of health, fitness and safe working practices relevant to performing and choreographing dance pieces.

Effective choreography requires imagination and the ability to synthesise a number of elements. Viewing and assessing professional works encourages the students to articulate their knowledge, explores cultural entitlement and broadens their artistic experience.

Students will develop an informed opinion of dance. They will have opportunities to visit theatres and professional dance companies as well as performing in public shows and workshops themselves.

Students will develop their knowledge of Contemporary dance along with the history of Modern dance. Lessons will include practical and theory based studies of a number of choreographers and their works. This will take place in the school's new dance studio with its sprung floor, full length mirrors and state of the art sound and lighting systems. The current year group will be the first to use these facilities.

How is it assessed?

GCSE Dance is assessed through 80% practical work and 20% written examination.

Progress is assessed under four main areas:-

  • Unit 1 Critical appreciation of dance (20%) 1 hour written paper externally assessed. Students are required to answer questions on two professional dance works.
  • Unit 2 Set dance (20%) Students are required to perform a solo dance of approximately 1 minute set by the Teacher and assessed externally.
  • Unit 3 Performance (20%) Students are assessed on performance skills in a duo/group dance related to a a set professional work. Examined under controlled conditions.
  • Unit 4 Choreography and solo composition (40%) internally moderated. Students are required to compose two dances: a solo composition task based on one of the professional works (15%) and a solo or group dance in response to a stimulus (25%).