A-Level English Literature

Course Title English Literature
SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Grade 6 or above in English literature and grade 5 or above in English language.

Component 1: Shakespeare and drama and poetry pre-1900

Component 2: close reading in a topic which may be chosen by the teacher from: American literature 1880-1940; the Gothic; dystopia and women in literature.
Two texts; from OCR prescribed list.

Component 3: non-examined comparative essay studying texts chosen by the student under advice from the teacher.

Three post-1900 tests: prose, poetry and drama

Component 1: closed text, written exam: 150 minutes
Component 2: closed text, written exam: 150 minutes
Component 3: course work: 20% of total A level

Although there are some careers (journalism, advertising, arts' administration, media work, teaching) to which English literature is obviously more directly applicable, it is a valuable qualification in its own right which will provide a sound basis for access to a variety of courses and careers through the skills which this course develops.  The ability to think critically and to be sensitive to the needs of others is vital to the future of society.  Students of literature gain insight into the world, other people and themselves. They learn to be analytical, to structure responses, to appreciate the power of language: all vital aspects of life in the twenty-first century!