A Level Computer Science


It is not essential to have studies Computer Science at Key Stage 4. However, students following the GCSE Computer Science qualification will have a head start. Students need a good grasp of mathematics, a grade 5 in mathematics is required to join the course.


This course focuses on computational thinking, helping students to develop the skills to solve problems, design system and understand the power and technology behind modern computer systems I n addition to the core knowledge and skills of programming, data representation, networking and databases. Students will develop an ability to analyse, critically evaluate and make decisions as they undertake a project, selected by the individual student, to reflect their needs and aspirations.


Students studying this course will take two papers in Year 13 and undertake a practical project.

Paper 1 is an on screen exam work 40% of the final grade.
Paper 2 is a written exam work 40% of the final grade.
The project is worth 20%.


Computer Science is an A level course carrying UCAS points for those students looking to progress to university. Computer Science is a desirable subject for Russell Group universities, as having a logical approach top solving problems will enable students to excel in a range of research areas including maths, the sciences and in computer science.

Computer Science students are in demand to join apprenticeships in computing related disciplines, with many employers looking to their new employees to help them create solutions to their problems.

A typical student of Computer Science will be interested in learning to program, to solve problems and how the processor and other computer hardware work together to provide the functionality needed to enable us to solve real problems.