Certificate in Digital Applications (Level 2)

In addition to teaching Computer Science this courses also teaches problem solving and logical thinking which will readily transfer to other courses and vocations.

Main topics covered:
Coursework units (from the list below, one unit is chosen)

  • Imaging and Artwork - Design and create a variety of digital graphics for a specific purpose using Photoshop CS6 and Serif DrawPlus.  Tasks will include making digital posters, banners, nets, vector images, bitmap images, animations, booklets, brochures, DVD covers, game covers plus many more.
  • Creative Multimedia - design and create a variety of multimedia products for a specific purpose.  Students will be required to plan out and complete a multimedia project that incorporates all aspects of creative  multimedia.  Tasks will include: video filming and editing, audio recording and editing, animations, website design and creation.  Software used: Serif MoviePlus, Audacity, Photoshop CS6, Serif WebPlus.
  • Game Making - Design and create a functional computer game for a specific purpose.  Students will be required to produce detailed games that include all features of successful games eg sprite development, level design, score system, audio selection, control scheme, plus many more. Software used: Scratch, GDevelop.

External Exam:

  • Developing Web Products - This is a practical external exam in which students are required to create a website based on a client brief. They will be required to program the website incorporating multimedia features and graphic images as applicable. They will have to consider audience and purpose and consider different different styles of website design in order to be successful. Software used: Serif WebPlus.
  • This is a vocational qualification which is equivalent to 1 GCSE.
  • Teaches you how to use practical IT skills that are in demand in the workplace such as designing and creating digital graphics, video, audio, games and websites.
  • Course covers a range of creative topics that help to develop skills that are used in the workplace or help progression into further education.
  • Learning is focused on creating practical pieces of work.

There are two units that must be completed.  The online examination task and one piece of coursework from creative multimedia, artwork and images and game making. 

Students can continue into the sixth form taking Level 3 BTEC or Media Studies.