Learning Support

The Learning Support Department exists to support a wide range of pupils within Keswick School who; for many varied reasons find it difficult to access the curriculum. Pupils may experience problems with communication and interaction; cognition and learning; social emotional and mental health; sensory and / physical needs; or a combination of more than one of these needs. Learning Support also strongly supports non curricula learning by working with pupils with social and emotional needs. We have strong working ties across all departments in particular with the Student Support Centre, the Educational Support Officer and the School Nurse.  

A can do approach is at the heart of what we do and believe in
In understanding the additional needs of pupils the Learning Support Department strongly advocates good two-way communication with parents; staff within the school (such as Heads of Year); other educational institutions (such as primary schools) and where necessary other agencies (such as Educational Psychology or the Specialist Teaching Service).

Pupils (with additional needs) are supported in a number of ways including the following:-

  • In class support - Learning Support ensures that pupils’ individual needs are communicated effectively to teachers; this informs the planning and teaching process. 
    Occasionally some classes may also be allocated a Teaching Assistant, based on the needs of pupils.
  • Evidence based small group and/or interventions - Literacy / numeracy (rapid maths) / life skills / guided reading..
  • Weekly Lunchtime Club - A weekly lunchtime club which targets pupils who find it very difficult to socialise, (by invitation). Pupils are encouraged to interact with each other through a series of events and activities throughout the year.  It helps pupils interact and build relationships.

Please note that resources are limited and are therefore carefully allocated according to individual needs.  Interventions are carefully measured and tracked.  

Pupils with complex SEND or EHCP will be reviewed inline with the current code of practice and will have  full access to the curriculum.

SEND Statement

Keswick School caters for students with a wide range of special needs and disabilities (SEND).  The school's SEND policy has been published and is accessible on the website.  This is fully compliant with the regulations of the 2015 SEND Code of Practice.  We are committed to working closely with all stakeholders and relevant parties.  A copy of our SEND Information Report is also available on this page of the website.  

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Miss Grills, Head of Learning Support.

Teaching Staff
Ms J Grills, BA Hons, PGCE (SENDCo & Head of Learning Support)
Mrs A Fell, Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs W McCarthy, Senior Teaching Assistant
Mr G Moulder, Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Orton, Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Robinson, Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Baker, Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Bowes, Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Brack, Teaching Assistant
Miss R Furness, Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Marrs, Teaching Assistant
Miss T Moller, Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Moore, Teaching Assistant
Mr J Rickard-Wild, Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Ward, Teaching Assistant
Dr J Myatt, Teaching Assistant