Religion, Philosophy & Ethics Introduction

“RPE at Keswick School combines written work with a chance to express your views and opinions verbally. The classroom environment is both challenging and fun and you always have the opportunity to make yourself heard.”
Joe, Year 12


The department would like its students to enjoy and develop a passion for religion, philosophy and ethics in an environment of mutual dialogue.  In doing so develop an understanding of different philosophical positions, cultures and belief systems.

  • To have the freedom to think logically and reflect on ultimate questions.
  • To be challenged by different ethical dilemmas and respond to them.
  • To develop a knowledge and understanding of different religious and non-religious belief systems.
  • To see the relevance of the broader philosophical debate and its vital place alongside scientific methodology.

Within RPE there are many opportunities for fieldwork and cross curricular activities. In Year 10, GCSE students visit Rome meeting the Pope and visiting many famous landmarks such as the Sistene Chapel. 

In doing so our students can gain wisdom as sensitive, well rounded individuals who have confidence in their own beliefs and opinions but also the humility to respect diversity.

This is why RPE is mandatory in KS3 and a very popular subject at GCSE and at A ‘Level. The department has an outstanding record at exam level. RPE enables our students to think critically but also to develop more of an understanding of the eclectic mix of peoples and faiths in the wider world.

At Keswick there is an emphasis on group work, motivating pupils to debate, discuss and reflect. We want our students to be challenged and independent learners. In Years 7, 8 and 9 students are taught through a diverse range of themes such as Is there a God? What would God be like? Does the development of science mean there is no need for a God? Why is there evil? Is there a life after death? Do all humans have the same rights? Is human life sacred? Are we the same as animals or do we have a soul? What does this mean? How should we respond to poverty? Is violence ever acceptable?


Teaching Staff
Mrs R Thomas, BA, PGCE (Head of RPE)
Mrs H Habberjam, BA (Hons), PGCE