A Level Philosophy and Ethics

SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTSGrade 5 in GCSE English language or literature.  It is not essential to have studies philosophy and ethics at GCSE; if you have studies the subject, a grade 5 or above at GCSE is require3d.
The type of student who is suited to this course is open minded, enquiring, enthusiastic and interested in independent learning and debating ultimate questions.

Year 1
Development of religious thought:
 This includes an examination of human nature, death and the afterlife, the nature of God, moral principles and moral action with a specific focus on Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
Philosophy: This includes a study of ancient Greek philosophy including Plato and Aristotle, an examination of the body, soul, mind dimenna, philosophical proofs based on observation and reason for the existence of God, religious experience and the problem of evil.
Ethics: This involves a study of the normative ethical theories of natural law, situation ethics, kantian ethics and utilitarianism. Applied ethics and their relationship with the different ethical theories.

Year 2
Developments of religious thought:
This includes pluralism and theology which includes gender and society, secularisation and the responses of Freud and Richard Dawkins, humanism and atheism, liberation theology and the responses of Karl Marx. It has links to psychological and sociology.
Philosophy: This considers freewill and determinism and religious language (negative, analogical and symbolic), Wittgenstein and logical positivism.
Ethics: This includes a study of ethical language (naturalism, intuitionism  and emotivism), Freud's psychological approach and Aquinas' view on conscience and sexual ethics. 

Three 120 minute exams, each paper has one knowledge based question and two analytical questions.
This course develops the ability to reflect on, select and deploy specified knowledge. To identify, investigate and analyse questions and issues. To interpret and evaluate philosophical and ethical concepts, issues, ideas, the relevance of arguments and the use of scholars. This skills based subject is an excellent combination with English, history, geography, sciences and maths. Our current A Level students come from a variety of subject disciplines. Philosophy and Ethics is well respected by universities as an established academic subject. It will lead to numerous career opportunities: law, teaching, journalism, publishing, and the police, and health, medicine, catering, and working with people.