“I took Biology at A-level because I want to extend my education and go on to study Medicine in the future. I find human Biology especially interesting and Keswick has allowed me to explore these areas through using many different resources.”
Nadia, Year 12
Biology is the study of life, so it covers the study of where organisms (including us!) come from and how organisms work. Biology pupils at Keswick School get the opportunity to partake in a wide array of lab-based practicals and fieldwork activities.  It is a popular subject with high uptake at A level and high success rates at GCSE.

During Key Stage 3, Biology pupils receive one lesson per week. These lessons can be theory or practical based and serve to make pupils feel comfortable with laboratory equipment and prepare them for GCSE's.  In Year 7, 8 and 9, pupils are taught basic biological principles and as much as anything, we aim to enthuse pupils and inspire in them a healthy curiosity in the subject. This means that when pupils come to sit their GCSEs and A-levels, if they choose to study Biology to a higher level, they are keen to work hard and see it as an opportunity rather than a chore.

We are lucky at Keswick School, because as well as having a number of well stocked labs, we have the school grounds which are brimming with life. The pond is used for pond dipping so pupils can learn the more practical aspects of ecology and the woody areas around the school are ideal for random sampling and studying organisms in their natural environments.

Throughout each year, pupils are tested to assess their ability and this allows teachers to identify which areas pupils feel comfortable with and which areas need to be focused on more. This means that by year 10, all pupils have a sound understanding of biological principles, setting them in good stead for their GCSEs.

Keswick School’s Biology-specific laboratories are well equipped and allow students to study biological processes for themselves. Using this equipment throughout school from Year 7 to 13 means pupils gain practical skills as well as understanding the theory and this hands - on approach inspires enthusiasm and curiosity in pupils.

Teaching Staff
Mrs E Cooper, BSc, MSc, PGCE (Head of Biology)
Miss S Ryding, BSc, MSc, PGCE 
Dr J Cawthorne, MBChB, PGCE
Mrs S McDonald, BSc, PGCE
Ms S Larkin, BSc, PGCE