‘I just started at Keswick and so hadn’t ever done Chemistry before, but now it’s my favourite lesson. I really like the practicals, getting to use Bunsen burners and mix different chemicals together. I find all that stuff really fun. I think my favourite lesson was making fireworks because it was really exciting!’
Sam, Year 7

At Keswick, it is our belief that Chemistry should be fun, inspiring and interesting. We see it as our duty to transfer the passion we share for chemistry to the pupils we teach.  With guidance from specialists which is tailored to the individual, our pupils can then be given the freedom to do the rest.

From Year 7 to 13, Keswick school pupils gain a balanced and broad education of theoretical and practical chemistry. We place a huge emphasis on independent learning, practical proficiency and discovery through questioning and experimentation.

Our goal is to inspire, support and enable students, so that irrespective of what year they are in, they are fully equipped to successfully and confidently make the next step.  This is why we consistently achieve GCSE and A level results which place Keswick amongst the very best schools in the country.

Whether it is year 7 pupils investigating the chemistry of fireworks, year 11 students analysing unknown substances through their knowledge of aqueous ion testing, or A-level students conducting more advanced procedures such as analysing, comparing and evaluating iron – dichromate and iron – permanganate titrations, pupils have access to wide ranging equipment and skilled direction from our experienced and specialist teachers.

The theoretical and practical components of the course, whether KS3, 4 or 5, are always put into a real-life context so that students leave lessons having extended both their knowledge and understanding but also thirst to know more. It is our hope that through this, we will reveal to them where a job or degree in chemistry could take them.

Teaching Staff
Mr P Smithson, BSc(Hons), PGCE, (Head of Science & Chemistry)
Mr M Stanton, BSc, PGCE
Mr G Taylor, BSc, PGCE
Mrs C McDonald, BSc, Teach.Cert, PGCE