Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre has grown into a great resource for Keswick School pupils to use for support as and when needed.  Primarily, we are a designated safe space for pupils who are experiencing difficulties accessing the curriculum and learning within school or a classroom setting.  For example, pupils in need of homework support and organisation, pupils returning to school after a long period of absence who may need a personalised programme to assist their return to all lessons. 

There are many services available to Keswick School pupils within the Student Support Centre , all aimed to improve the opportunities and outcomes for our pupils.  There are two full time members of staff available to speak to pupils in the Student Support Centre  at break and lunch times.

Student Support Centre Services Outline

Homework Club - The Student Support Centre is open at break time and lunch time for pupils mainly in the lower school to use to complete homework.  They have access to stationery resources, 4 computers and a colour printer.  At lunchtime they are supervised by learning support staff. 

Peer Mentoring - We have a group of Year 10 and Year 11 volunteers who meet with pupils who have been referred by staff to the Student Support Centre  for peer mentoring.  These pupils are trained to listen to the pupil they are supporting and to offer strategies to help them with whatever their concerns might be.

Subject Coaching - We have a group of Year 10 and Sixth form volunteers who offer to support pupils in subjects that they are confident with.  Subjects coaches meet with their coaches during registration and have around 20 minutes to help and support them with their knowledge and understanding of their subject.  This service is very popular all year round and is often over-subscribed.

One to One Mentoring - Pupils referred for mentoring typically have an initial meeting with an allocated member of staff to identify their needs, followed by 3-4 mentoring sessions.  The mentoring takes pace during the school day.

Shine Awards - At termly intervals staff are asked to nominate pupils for Shine Awards.  These awards are typically for pupils that have gone above and beyond in any aspect of thier work, behaviour and attitude.

Workshops - The Student Support Centre  arranges workshops for different groups of pupils at different times of the year when a need has been identified.  For example, high achievers team building, Sky Sports mentors, Year 7 National Trust Day, Stress Management and Bikeability, being a few.

Teaching Staff
Mrs A Allport, BA, PGCE (Head of Student Support Centre)
Mrs L Gillon, SSC/Pupil Premium Co-ordinator
Mrs L Wood, Learning Mentor