Advice and Support during Covid-19

During Covid-19 a great deal of information, advice and guidance has been produced to support parents and students, from mental health support to more general practical advice about keeping safe and well.

This area of the website will hold all the relevant documents which have been sent out to parents.

Managing Suspected COVID-19 Cases at School

The school’s risk assessment covers the eventuality should a member of the school community display COVID-19 symptoms whilst at school.  So that we can best manage suspected COVID-19 cases where the individual is not attending school but develops symptoms within 48 hours of a day at school, we now need to implement further measures.

Please contact if your child has started to display COVID-19 symptoms within 48 hours of a day at school, giving as much information as possible about anyone at school who they may have come into close personal contact with in that time (within 2 metres for 15 minutes or more). By doing so you will be giving consent for us to share the details with Cumbria County Council COVID-19 call centre.

The child should self-isolate at home and you must arrange a test immediately.  When the test result is confirmed, please contact the school using the same email address ( with the test result.  If positive, we will then contact staff and parents of any child who has been in the same ‘bubble’ or has been in close personal contact with that individual. If negative, we will agree a return date.