Vision, Values and Aims


Promoting excellence to enable every student to be
happy and achieve their potential.


  • To maintain the highest expectations for all our students and seek excellence in everything we do;
  • To instil traditional values such as courtesy and consideration for others;
  • To develop every child's talents and interests, and broaden their horizons;
  • To provide outstanding academic, social, spiritual and cultural education;
  • To maintain a varied and enriched curriculum to develop confident, creative, articulate and distinctive young people;
  • To prepare students to be independent, resilient and life-long learners:
  • To see learning through failure as essential for achieving success;
  • To develop local, regional, national and international partnerships and constantly look for opportunities to extend learning;
  • To encourage all parents to take an active interest in their child's education;
  • To send into society level headed and compassionate young people who are a credit to themselves and the school.



  • We believe that a happy and inspiring school community will lead to outstanding achievement in all areas of school life.
  • Traditional values are important to us. We expect our students to be honest, respectful, considerate, caring, friendly and help others at all times.
  • We believe in an inclusive community and focus on the needs of individuals.  We expect students to respect the views and beliefs of others and demonstrate tolerance and understanding.


  • Students should be excited, engaged and challenged in their learning.  We recruit specialist teachers who are passionate, enthusiastic and have great imagination for communicating their subject.
  • We believe taking responsibility is part of growing up.  We expect students to have an outstanding attitude to learning and a desire to constantly improve.
  • We believe students should question, think and take risks as part of the education process and work independently to prepare themselves fully for life after school.


  • We expect exemplary behaviour both in and out of school.  We recognise that out reputation helps open doors to opportunities for our students.
  • We believe it is important to develop the whole person, building self-confidence and developing team working skills.  One way we do this is through an outstanding programme of extra-curricular activities including sports, arts, clubs and societies.
  • We are constantly looking to innovate.  We expect students to be willing to get involved and try new things both within the school and the wider community.