Meet the Pastoral Team

The first member of staff every pupil meets is their Head of Year. Most, in fact, meet this key figure during the year before they start at Keswick School. The Head of Year is charged with the overall pastoral care of all the pupils in the Year group. This means that he / she is responsible for their personal, social and educational well-being and development. Depending on the circumstances, this could mean supporting or working with an individual child, a group of children, a whole Form or the entire Year group! The Head of Year is a central figure in a pupil’s school life for three years, so is always an important point of contact for children and parents alike.

Senior Leadership Members of the Pastoral Team

Miss Gibbin
Pastoral Deputy Head

Aditional Members of the Pastoral Team
 Mrs Hiddleston
In school we have an Education Support Officer who is there to work with the pastoral team on attendance, inclusion, mentoring and other support based activities. Mrs Hiddleston will contact parents when necessary about attendance and may make visits to your home to work with you as a family. She works closely with the Pastoral Deputy on other safeguarding matters, including working with multi-agency teams and external agencies.

Mrs Fleming
In school we have a full-time qualified nurse who is there to look after any individuals who become ill during the day. Mrs Fleming will administer first aid when necessary or will involve any other agencies to assist in her role. When a child is ill and needs to go home Mrs Fleming will contact you to ask you to collect your child and will inform you what treatment or care has already been administered. The nurse also works with the boarding pupils to support in their daily care.