Year 10 - 11

Key Stage 4 Heads
  Mr Down
(Year 10)

Mrs Melling 
(Year 11) 

Year 10

Year 10 is the start of two critical years in a student’s education.  During this period they will not only be taking their GCSE examinations, but they will also have to make vital decisions that will affect their future after they leave school.  There are many significant changes between Year 9 and Year 10 and the pupils can expect the highest level of support, advice and guidance in order to help make these changes.  The focus of year 10 is to provide the very best foundation to promote future success for all students and to ensure that they fulfil their potential by the end of Key Stage 4.  

In addition, there are numerous activities which complement the academic side of school in order to give the students the best preparation for whatever they chose to do in the future.  These include work experience week, enterprise day, ICT Oscars and the Year 10 celebration event at the end of the year.

My name is Ben, I am a student in year 10 at Keswick School. I live in Workington which means that I have a journey of half an hour to and from school each day but it doesn't bother me in the slightest because Keswick is a fantastic place to come to school. The atmosphere is very positive and enthusiastic and there are such a variety of characters from all around the county.

This year I have started my GCSEs, the subjects that I chose were:

I really enjoy all of them. Year 10 has been my best year at Keswick so far, we get a lot more freedom and I like the idea of working towards a goal, our GCSE exams. The standard of teaching at Keswick is extremely high with teachers always encouraging us to achieve the best grades possible, while also looking to the future and helping us to think not only about exams and grades but about the world of work too. I feel Keswick School and its staff are guiding me towards my future career ambitions.

There is lots on offer outside of lessons at Keswick too. I am part of the school's climbing club and tennis team. I am also completing the second level in my John Muir Award after achieving the first last year. We make the most of the marvellous mountains and scenery that surround us.

Generally I think that Keswick School is a fantastic school, with superb staff, leadership and students and I feel extremely privileged to be a part of it.