Year 7 - 9

Key Stage 3 Heads
   Mr Baillie
(Year 7) 

Mrs Morrissey
(Year 8)
 Mrs Ryding
(Year 9)

Year 7

Year 7 is the beginning of a fantastic journey. The move from primary school to secondary school is an exciting time in a student's academic career.  A smooth transition from primary school is guaranteed, due to the our tried and tested induction program.  The program has been carefully designed to ensure that our new intake is comfortable with their new environment from the outset.  We are fortunate to have an experienced team of Year 7 Form Heads, who are skilled in dealing with any transitional issues that may arise.  The only requirement for our new intake is that you arrive with a positive attitude and a passion for learning.  Our dedicated team of staff will provide the necessary mix of support, guidance and expertise required to help students settle in at Keswick School.

There are many opportunities for students to bond with their peers.  Induction days, curriculum days and the October Team Building Event incorporate a whole host of activities designed to make students feel at ease with their new environment.  We also encourage all Year 7 students to join the range of clubs that we have on offer, both at lunchtime and after school.  There are activities to suit all tastes.
Keswick School is an inclusive community and we pride ourselves on the support offered to our students.  Regardless of ability level, we afford students the opportunity to excel in all areas.

Form Time and Assemblies
Each Year 7 student will be allocated to a form group, which meets every morning for registration.  form time is a valuable part of the school day and a student's form head will be their first point of contact for pastoral issues.
Year 7 will attend at least one assembly each week, where different ideas and concepts are explored.  We are committed to providing assemblies that explore various issues and promote a positive ethos with topics that may include friendship, good behaviour, community spirit, confidence and self-esteem, among others.  Each form group will elect a school council representative who will consult the group on current issues and present their ideas and findings at a full school council meeting.  
There is a house system in Year 7, which provides an opportunity for friendly competition for all. The tasks are varied and so there should be something to cater for all students.

Behaviour and Punctuality
During the induction process, all students are made aware of the high standard of behaviour that we expect in Year 7.  Positive behaviour both in and around school is a requirement of all students.  Our students are required to have respect for themselves and each other and there is an expectation that all members of the our community are treated with consideration  it is important that every student arriving in Keswick School can thrive, while feeling safe and secure in their environment.
In Summary, our year group is one which we have high standards and expectations for all, where students can thrive both academically and socially.

Year 8

Year 8 is a very important year in a Keswick School student’s school career; they are now settled in school following their first year in high school and Year 9, with options choices and starting GCSEs, is on the horizon. The curriculum develops from Year 7 and students will be setted for their core subjects and will pick up their second language. We support students in becoming more independent learners in their lessons, by mentoring and through the school Talented and Gifted students programme. Social issues are addressed through citizenship lessons and curriculum weeks to ensure that students understand their role in both the school and local community.

There are a wide range of extracurricular activities and opportunities for Year 8 students including starting the John Muir Award, languages trips to France and Austria, ski trips and Multi sport and Careers activity weeks. Many of the Year 8 students play or participate in successful school teams and take part in drama and music activities.

Year 9

Year 9 is an important year for all of the pupils at Keswick School, as they need to start making decisions about which subjects they would like to study in Key Stage 4. Pupils are provided with an excellent level of support to ensure that they are able to make the best possible decisions; this includes a series of careers based lessons in citizenship using U-Explore, a careers roadshow where pupils get to speak to Year 11 pupils about the different subjects available at GCSE, and an options advice evening where pupils and parents receive information about GCSE options and the EBacc. During Year 9, pupils also begin the GCSE programme of study in biology, chemistry and physics.

Pupils in Year 9 are encouraged to take part in a range of extracurricular activities but also benefit from a wide range of trips and activities that include: a lake walk around Derwentwater and conservation day, which contribute towards them completing the John Muir Award, Further Education Days and Battlefields trip.