Current Keswick School Students

The timeline of the application is set out below. 

End of Year 10 – Assembly raising awareness of the Sixth Form Application Process

We hope you have been thinking about your destination before Year 10, for example when you made your option choices. The end of Year 10 assembly is simply a reminder of the importance of Year 11 and that you will be going through an application process if you want to join the Sixth Form. We shall even suggest you might do some finding out about destinations beyond the Sixth Form e.g. university courses or advanced apprenticeships.

Autumn Term Year 11

Assembly giving more details of the timetable for applying
You will hear about subjects through your subject teachers. Some subjects, however, are not on the Year 11 timetable: e.g. psychology and sociology 
Subjects not present in the Year 11 curriculum make presentations in Year 11 assemblies

December – Prospectus for entry for the following September issued: 
Hard copies are issued and it is also available online

December - Sixth Form undertakes the first suitability survey: 
This is where we ask teachers whether the student is suitable for their subject at A level. This information is then used to help guide students in their choice of courses in the following months and during the Sixth Form Application Discussions (SFADs)

Spring Term Year 11

January – The Information Evening for Students and Parents:

This is a vital meeting where subject teachers present their courses. It is a chance for you to find out more details about the courses but also to ask any questions you may have about a subject.

January - students are surveyed about their subject choices and from these returls the option columns are composed. 

February – application form issued
This is available both in hard copy and on-line. We ask you to make your subject choices and write a personal statement

February – deadline for applications

February, March, April – SFADs
This is a discussion with either the Head of Sixth Form, one of the Sixth Form Year Heads, a senior member of staff or one of the tutor team from the Sixth Form.  They will discuss: your subject choices; your suitability scores for those subjects; any future plans to ensure you have made the correct choices; the ‘step up’ to Sixth Form; our expectations of you as a learner as well as tell you about the wider opportunities available to you in the Sixth Form

Summer Term Year 11

April – offers of places made via a letter
May/June GCSEs
After GCSE examinations:– Year 12 Induction Day
This is held quite soon after your GCSE exams have finished. The day is mainly subject based and you will attend sessions with each of your subjects, during which you will be given “Bridging Units”: work to be done in preparation for starting A levels: completion of these units is necessary for students to be allowed onto courses. As well as sessions with your subjects you will have a session with Sixth Form staff.

August – GCSE Results
If you get the results that you need to proceed with all your courses then we will see you for the first day of school in September. If there have been any issues with your results or if you wish to amend your choices The Head of Sixth Form and the Head of Year 12 are available on GCSE results day and the day following to discuss changes with you.

Start Sixth Form
On the first day just Year 12 and Year 7 are in school and you will spend the day registering on your courses, doing “the necessary admin” and getting involved in some team building activities with your form.

The application form for September 2020 entry will be available to download for current Keswick School students here.