Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy

A levels. A daunting prospect?. At Keswick School Sixth Form, A levels offer you the chance to study something new and to pursue what you love. Life in the Sixth Form has given me the opportunity to develop my understanding, my study skills and myself as a learner and young adult.

The community at Keswick School Sixth Form is very supportive. All the students work in unison towards a common goal.  A positive working atmosphere allows every student to fulfil their potential.

The Sixth Form team and subject teachers make every effort to ensure that the students achieve their absolute best.

Our full-time careers advisor is also always at hand to sit down with a student and discuss which career options are available. In my experience, I have never met a more dedicated team!

Being part of Keswick School Sixth Form offers students far more than academic achievement alone. The school offers extracurricular activities to suit all tastes. These range from sports clubs and fundraising groups to choirs! The opportunities are endless.

Keswick School has something for everyone, making it a great place to study.


Head Girl

I have grown up in the Keswick School community which offers support, encourages academic excellence and strives to create well rounded individuals. Personally, studying A Levels at Keswick School Sixth Form was inevitable, having witnessed the high achievements of past students and hearing consistent positive feedback about not only the outstanding level of teaching but the high level of support offered. Teachers are there to not only help you achieve your A Level potential but offer advice and guidance for post 18 choices.

Keswick School Sixth Form has a very successful and strong prefect system. The chance of becoming a prefect in Year 13 is one I know excites many, as it offers the chance to help and support younger members of the school and staff alike. I’ve found the role of Head Girl a privilege, and enjoy working closely with the senior prefect team and staff. I’ve found many valuable skills such as teamwork and leadership to have improved greatly by being part of the prefect team, and from the independent style of learning adopted in the Sixth Form.

The friendly teachers are approachable and are always more than happy to try to answer any questions. Dedication, hard work and determination will all enable you to excel and reach your full potential during your time in Keswick School Sixth Form.