Progression from the Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is the last stepping stone before moving out of school-based education and onto university or college, or into work-based training such as an apprenticeship. Throughout the Sixth Form we are always working with the future of our students in mind.

Most of our students go on to study a wide range of courses in Higher Education in a wide range of universities. About half go on to study at Russell Group universities, including Oxbridge Colleges.

We have a very well-developed UCAS support programme and strong links with universities: we have Partner status with Newcastle University, take part in supported progression schemes with Lancaster University and Durham University and have a special connection with The Queen's College, Oxford through their link scheme and also because a representative from this prestigious Oxford College sits on the Governing Body and Board of Trustees of Keswick School.

“Sixth formers are particularly well prepared for future employment and higher education ”

The UCAS Programme

Statistically, we perform extremely well in terms of our students gaining offers from universities and achieving places. We compare very favourably against the national averages and when compared to our competitor schools in the county.

Throughout Year 12 students are given opportunities to hear about higher education, with a strong focus on this in the third term.

Activities include:
Visit to two university open days (Newcastle and Northumbria)

Visits from university representatives e.g. graduate ambassadors from Newcastle University; student recruitment officers from Edinburgh University and Cambridge University

Liaison with North Cumbria NHS Trust for their pre-medicine conference
A Higher Education evening for parents
A well-developed and successful Oxbridge support programme including participation in the Emmanuel student shadowing scheme, attendance at the regional application conference, accompanied visits to the university open days, support sessions run by alumni
Talks from alumni about a range of courses
Participation in the supported progression schemes run by Durham and Lancaster
Two Higher Ed mornings to begin and develop the UCAS application

In Year 13 we focus on

Term 1: support for the application process including help with personal statements and making choices; “mock” interviews with members of the governing body.

Term 2: choosing firm and insurance offers

Support for students moving on to careers and apprenticeships

Throughout the year the school's Head of Careers has a timetabled lesson specifically for the Sixth Form during which she is able to support students with applications and choices. IAG interviews can be arranged with a local adviser form Inspira