Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

Friday 19 February 2021

The Arkwright Engineering Trust organises scholarships to be awarded to pupils in Year 11 across the country. Each Scholarship is sponsored by a different company or organisation. To gain a scholarship, pupils need to complete an application describing their engineering interests and a project that they have completed. They then sit a design exam where they are given some problems to solve.

If they gain high enough marks, they then have an interview, much like applying for an engineering job. Last year 425 scholarships were awarded across the country from over 2000 applicants. It is a nationally recognised prestigious award.

This year two pupils from Keswick School, Sam Lees and Molly Palmer were successful in receiving an Arkwright Scholarship and went to Edinburgh University during October half term, to receive the awards from their sponsoring company. They will also receive £300 in each of Years 12 & 13 if they continue along an engineering career path.

Head of Technology, Mr Mather said “It’s great that the pupils have been motivated by their GCSE Engineering work, to take it further and enhance their career prospects with this award”

Head of Technology, Mrs Winskill “It’s fantastic to see that the hard work of these pupils has paid off. Congratulations go to Sam and Molly.”

Sam Lees said “I was very happy to receive the Arkwright scholarship as engineering was my favourite subject at GCSE and so this is a great opportunity to further my engineering skills. This will greatly help me develop my understanding of engineering and take my first steps towards a successful engineering career”.

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