We currently offer a course in Latin, starting at the beginning of each academic year. Sessions run once a week from 3.40-4.40pm in the school library.

Students follow the Cambridge Latin Course with a Certificate of attainment available upon completion of book 1 and 2. After that they will be working towards a GCSE in Latin. The Cambridge Latin Course is more than a traditional grammatical approach to Latin learning, as it incorporates a strong civilisation element.  It is recognised as the most successful Latin course in the UK.

Course Structure
Book 1 - based in Pompeii (certificate of attainment)
Book 2 - based in Roman Britain and Egypt (certificate of attainment)
Book 3 - based in Bath and Chester (GCSE in Latin)

What will Students Learn?
Students will start by reading easy stories in Latin. They will build up an understanding of the grammar and acquire a knowledge of how the Romans lived, their beliefs and customs. 

Why Study Latin?
A basic knowledge of Latin will give motivated students an advantage at GCSE and A level. It is particularly valuable for students interested in medicine, law, writing, international relations and science.

It supports university applications and carries considerable prestige. The skills developed in studying Latin are also valued by employers, such as problem solving, logical thinking and an effective communication.

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