Business Introduction

Business offers pupils the opportunity to study a subject which they have not studied before. Business students will examine the business world; investigate the different functional areas and how businesses operate within the external environment.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

The department are keen to integrate speakers and visits into the curriculum so students have a true understanding of how the theory studied in class applies to real world examples. 
The Midlands Business trip – Students every year are offered the opportunity to visit Cadburys, Denby and Jaguar / Landover – the focus of the trip is to look and production, quality and marketing within these businesses. Other business visits include Nestle, Coca Cola, Entrepreneur Live Talks, National Media Centre and Manchester United.
Guest Speakers
Guest speakers are organised to visit business lessons. The speakers come from a wide variety of business backgrounds and previous speakers have given talks on entrepreneurship, marketing, international trade, recruitment and finance.

GCSE students take part in the REAL BUSINESS CHALLENGE and the TENNER CHALLENGE each year to improve their business skills.  A level students participate in the Tycoon in Schools Challenge.

Teaching Staff
Mrs D Duguid, BA, PGCE (Head of Business Studies)
Miss T Gibbin, BA, PGCE (Deputy Head teacher)
Mrs P Rainey, Bed (Head of Vocational Studies)