Across science, our aim is to inspire, support and enable all students to leave as scientific thinkers, with a life-long interest in science.  

Specific to chemistry, we want students to see how chemistry can explain the material world around us, at a personal, local or global level, and leave aware of the diverse and valuable career potential chemistry offers.

Teaching is inclusive yet challenging with ambition for all. Variety in method of delivery is key – students will participate in discussing, reading, writing, doing, observing, testing, modelling and representing mathematically. Enrichment opportunities are used to provide inspiration, enjoyment and to illustrate the charms of chemistry. Learning is related to our wonderful school location wherever possible, such as using the story of Borrowdale graphite to teach allotropes of carbon.

Topics are sequenced across the key stages to allow scientific ideas to flow within a topic and build in a spiral manner across topics so pupils can make connections and build a broad and deep understanding of chemistry. This is done with careful consideration as to where and how the chemical concepts overlap and are supported by biological, physical and mathematical concepts.

Pupils use Key Stage 3 to develop awareness of misconception, grow their scientific vocabulary, learn about key chemical concepts, and begin to see how to work scientifically. This acts as a platform for success, not only at GCSE or A-level, but for life beyond school.

Working scientifically is the sum of all the activities that scientists do – we want our students to leave as considerate, independent, confident scientific thinkers who can see how knowledge is established then reviewed in light of new evidence. They can investigate a scientific idea objectively through experimentation, analysis, evaluation and the correct use of qualitative and quantitative communication.

As students revisit concepts with increased breadth and depth, develop mastery in investigation methods, and make connections across science subjects, we hope to see their confidence in thought, application and communication grow and for them to flourish into inquisitive life-long learners.

Key Stage 3 Chemistry

Key Stage 3 Chemistry Curriculum Map

GCSE Chemistry

GCSE Chemistry Curriculum Map

GCSE Combined Science Chemistry Curriculum Map

A Level Chemistry

A Level Chemistry Curriculum Map

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