Art Introduction

“I really enjoy Art at Keswick School because the relaxed environment helps to relieve any stress I have from other subjects and I am able to work independently and creatively. We have access to a lot of different styles and I like having the chance to experiment with and use these different materials such as glass work, clay and mixed media.”
Danika, Year 12.

Art provides pupils with the opportunity to use a variety of creative techniques to produce something truly original. At Keswick, we aim to develop each pupil’s personal style in order to allow them to create something they can be proud of.

At Keswick School, we feel it is important to nurture the creativity which allows pupils to express themselves. From traditional sketching and painting techniques to more experimental styles such as glass fusing and ceramics, we teach students how to utilise a wide selection of different media.

Igor Babailov famously said ‘Art is an international language, understood by all.’ We believe that art, being so universal, is one of the greatest gifts and resources we can give to our pupils.

We offer not only timetabled lessons, but our art department organises an annual art exhibition in the summer term to show case work from across the key stages.  A selection of GCSE and A level work is also chosen for exhibition at the Theatre by the Lake every year. 

Year 7 pupils learn basic skills in line, tone and colour.

Year 8 produce observational drawings of butterflies and landscapes.

Year 9 pupils study proportion/self-portraits and ceramics.

On top of this the art rooms stay open over lunchtime so students can continue their creativity and there are clubs devoted to glass fusing and sculpture/model-making.

Teaching Staff
Miss J Hallworth, BA, PGCE (Head of Art)
Mrs K Stevens, BA, PGCE
Mrs H Rumney, BA, PGCE