The Art department at Keswick School offers a diverse, rich and explorative art education to engage, challenge and inspire students of all abiliies.  Our aim is to ensure that all students: 

  • Become proficient in drawing and recording as a key to accessing all other art forms;
  • Possess a good knowledge and understanding of the formal elements of art;
  • Understand the unique qualities of different materials, techniques and processes and utilise these within practical work;
  • Understand how to develop ideas and make connections between their own work and that of artists, designers and craftspeople;
  • Use subject specific vocabulary to form opinions and describe art;
  • Reflect on their learning in order to progress as independent, self-motivated individuals.

Throughout Key Stage 3, students will build and expand on their existing knowledge of materials, techniques and processes and observe the work of creative practitioners to influence and inform their ideas to create personal and meaningful responses.

They will form opinions and describe art using subject specific vocabulary, developing intellectual competencies of analysis, understanding the historical and cultural development of their art forms. 

Key Stage 3 Art

Key Stage 3 Art Curriculum Map

GCSE Art, Craft & Design

GCSE Art Curriculum Map

A Level Art, Craft & Design

A Level Art Curriculum Map

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