Physical Education Introduction

At Keswick School we place a large emphasis on exercise and fitness. Not only does regular training help to keep people in shape, it also helps pupils psychologically and allows them to channel otherwise impractical energy into a competitive, sporting environment.

Sport is great for pupils’ self-esteem and allows a variety of people to find common interests and make friends. On top of this, with national obesity and weight-related problems increasing dramatically, Physical Education (PE) and sport have never been more important.

Key stage three pupils at Keswick receive one hour of Games and one hour of PE per week.  In lessons pupils complete half termly blocks in a range of activities including: netball, football, rugby, hockey, handball, badminton, fitness, athletics, tennis and cricket.  In key stage 4 and 5 they receive one hour of games per week.  

On top of this, at Keswick School, we offer a large collection of afterschool and lunch-time sports clubs. We consistently have highly successful (male and female) Rugby, Football and Netball teams who compete locally, nationally and internationally and have produced athletes who have competed on national and international levels such as Robert Miller and Abbie Scott.

Each year the school hosts a sports day where all pupils are encouraged to participate and towards the end of the academic year, Keswick upholds its long standing tradition of running ‘the school mile’, where pupils and teachers battle it out, some in fancy dress and others running for the 'Mile Trophy'.

Teaching Staff
Mrs K Stanton, BA, QTS (Head of PE)
Mr A Miller, BA, QTS
Mr D Troman, BSc, PGCE (p/t)
Mr I Turnbull, BA, PGCE (p/t)
Mrs F Hamilton, BSc, PGCE (p/t)
Miss E Tonkin, BSc, PGCE
Mr A Atkinson, BSc, PGCE