The Mathematics department is a skilled and approachable team of subject specialists, with a positive attitude towards helping everyone succeed.  

We have a strong belief in a growth mindset - practice and hard work are far more important than any innate talent, and all learners can go further than they imagine with the right encouragement.

Our key stage three curriculum aims to move our learners through the process of becoming increasingly numerate, into a more rigorous study of mathematics. Lower down the school, pupils will build on their number skills, as they gradually move into newer topics such as algebra, probability, and a better awareness of the importance of statistics. In key stage four, the work will focus on the requirements of the final assessment, with lots of emphasis on proportion, ratio and mathematical reasoning, both numerically, and geometrically.

We test regularly, in the knowledge that frequent recall of mathematical facts and processes improves the skills that will eventually be tested. Students become increasingly confident with this, as the process is developed through lesson starters and regular homework tasks, much of which we have designed ourselves. We expect students to revise, but we model the process carefully for them.

Key Stage 3 Mathematics

Key Stage 3 Mathematics Curriculum Map

GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Mathematics Curriculum Map

A Level Mathematics

A Level Mathematics Curriculum Map

A Level Further Mathematics

A Level Further Mathematics Curriculum Map

A Level Core Mathematics Studies

A Level Year 12 Core Mathematics Curriculum Map

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