Maths Introduction

‘I love working with algebraic formulae and doing maths. I like to be challenged and feel great when I work out the answers to questions. I think one of the most interesting things is learning about all of the different ways you can solve a problem and I really like learning about shapes and using Pythagoras’ theorem to work out the length of a triangle’s sides.’
May, Year 10.

Mathematics began as a recreational activity, and the sense of both fun and completion that we all get from solving a problem remains. Most of us have to work hard at the subject to get to that stage, but that only adds to the sense of satisfaction. We aim to infuse our Mathematics teaching at Keswick School with this fundamental ethos, and the fact that 90% of our GCSE students attained at A* to C grade last year is testament to our efforts. Many of these pupils have gone on to take A level mathematics, and we hope they will take the subject even further. 

We are a skilled and approachable team who strive to make the subject accessible to all pupils, and we have a relentlessly positive attitude towards helping everyone achieve. Mathematics is a creative subject as evidenced by some of the puzzles and patterns on display around the school. We all work hard to share the philosophy that the subject splits into things we can do, and things we can;t do yet.

Our most able pupils thrive at Keswick School, with many currently involved in the KS4 Further Mathematics GCSE programme, a successful Further Mathematics A level course, and a strong record with Oxbridge applications. These pupils are frequently our best advocates, and we benefit from the help they give to other pupils.

Whilst practice and consolidation will always be a part of being successful in Mathematics, we make lessons as interactive as possible, using pupil whiteboards, smartboards and games. However, we feel strongly that the subject itself is inherently of interest and all you really need is a pencil and some paper. 

Teaching Staff
Mr A Campion, BSc, PGCE (Head of Maths)
Mr C Naylor, BSc, PGCE (Assistant Head of Maths)
Mr K Ely, BSc, PGCE (Leading Practitioner in Maths)
Miss E Hastings, BSc, PGCE
Mr M Cosh, BSc, PGCE
Mr R Hodgkins, BSc, PGCE
Mrs E Milne, BEng, PGCE
Mrs P Robinson, BSc (Hons), PGCE
Mr A Watkins, BSc, PGCE
Mrs A Wightman, BEd, PGCE
Miss V Wood, MSc