Geography Introduction

‘I think that Geography is one of my favourite lessons now. I like learning about the areas around us like the rivers and valleys and also I enjoy learning about other countries too. I think one of the best things about it is that you can use so many different things like films, books and maps to build up a really good picture of one event or place.’
Sarah, Year 10.

We are lucky enough to be situated in a place where the local landscape is so abundant and fruitful, and we of course exploit this, urging pupils to explore and scrutinise the surrounding environment to enrich their geographical knowledge.

The new suite of classrooms provides a panoramic view of Skiddaw, the fourth highest mountain in England. Pupils are encouraged to make links between steep mountain slopes and studies of farming, tourism, climate and ecosystems.

The subject is mandatory throughout Key Stage 3 and then is offered as an optional course at GCSE and A-level. Last year trips were made to places around the UK including Malham, Arran, London and various locations right here in the Lake District.

Key Stage 3 pupils gain knowledge and work on a variety of topics, including Russia in Year 7, the Syrian refugee crises in Year 8 and Rainforest study in Year 9 and an analysis of Skiddaw. At present GCSE students study plate tectonics, rocks, coasts, tourism, rural areas and a global topic on the development gap.

Geography is an interesting and fun subject developing a range of practical and theoretical skills. 

Teaching Staff
Mrs C Morrissey, BSc, PGCE (Head of Geography)
Mr S Purdy, BA, PGCE
Miss B Smith, BA, PGCE
Ms C Morley, BA (Hons), PGCE
Ms C Nellis, BA, PGCE