The vision of Keswick School Geography department is for students to become global citizens, who are deeply passionate about investigating and reflecting upon the dynamic world we live in.   We aim to inspire students to 'Think Like a Geographer'.

The Geography curriculum is aimed to get students to “Think like a geographer” and is sequenced to ensure the mastery of powerful knowledge of many contemporary global, regional and local issues such as climate change, natural hazard management and sustainability.  A wide range of geographical skills are also developed to allow our students to progress to higher education and employment in areas such as environmental science, transport planning, hydrology, GIS, urban planning and so on.

The Geography curriculum aims to ensure that students become knowledgeable citizens, aware of their own community in a global setting, through:

• Demonstrating greater fluency with world knowledge by drawing on increasing breadth and depth of places;

• Making greater sense of the world by connecting an understanding of people, places, processes and environments (by becoming what we call ‘synoptic’ in their thinking);

• By working with more complex information about the world including people’s attitudes, values and beliefs;

• Increasing the range and accuracy of investigative skills and advancing their ability to select and apply these skills in geographical enquiry.

The Three-year Key Stage 3 Geography curriculum enables students to develop a range of underpinning geographical skills (such as OS mapping, GIS and other graphing skills) and extends their knowledge and understanding of the wider world. Students follow the Edexcel A GCSE Geography course over three years and work with increasingly complex information across a wide range of places, processes and environments. A-Level Geography students also follow the Edexcel specification, with a particular emphasis on deepening their independent investigative skills to study a wide range of challenging 21st Century global, national and regional issues.

Key Stage 3 Geography

Key Stage 3 Geography Curriculum Map

GCSE Geography

GCSE Geography Curriculum Map

A Level Geography

A Level Geography Curriculum Map

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