Course TitleSociology


General entry requirement for advanced level applies to this subject.  


You must be prepared to read, research and debate.  An awareness of current social trends in GB and the world via television, newspapers and radio is very useful.  

Unit 1 Education and Research Methods

  • what is the role of education?
  • educational differences by gender, ethnicity and class
  • processes in schools and relationships
  • changes in governments' education policies

Unit 2 Families and Households

  • different concepts of culture - mass, popular and global
  • identification models - age, gender, nationality and religion
  • family structure and social change - marriage, divorce and gender roles
  • childhood and the status of children in society
  • demographic changes - births and deaths
  • poverty and wealth distribution including social welfare

Unit 3 Mass Media

  • relationship between ownership and control of the mass media
  • mass media, globalisation and popular culture
  • process of selection and presentation of the content of the news
  • media representations of age, social class, ethnicity, gender and sexuality

Unit 4 Crime and Deviance with Research Methods

  • different theories of crime, deviance, social order and social control
  • the social distribution of crime and deviance
  • globalisation and crime in contemporary society


Papers 1, 2 and 3: three written examinations of 120 minutes each, worth 33.3% respectively of the final A level marks.


Sociology links well with English, religious studies, history, government and politics, geography, business studies, German and French.  One of the purposes of an AS course is to BROADEN your experience, and so it would also be appropriate to be taken in conjunction with science subjects as well.
Choosing sociology at this stage need have few specific career implications.  However, its analytical skills including presenting ideas cogently are crucial to most areas of work including journalism, law, social welfare and the humanities.

Teaching Staff
Mr K Reed, BA, MA, PGCE
Dr A Foody, BA, MA, PGCE
Miss S French, BA (Hons), PGCE