Media Studies

Keswick School runs a Creative iMedia course, a vocational qualification which is the equivalent to a GCSE.

As a GCE Media Studies student, you will analyse how media products use language and representations to create meaning. You will learn about the media industry and how the industry affects how media products are made. You will investigate media audiences, exploring who are the people who watch, read and consume the products and considering how different people might respond to products differently, and why. You will study many different media forms, such as:

  • Television
  • Online Media
  • Advertising and
  • Marketing
  • Film Marketing
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Social and Participatory
  • Media
  • Music Video
  • Radio
  • Video Games

You will explore and apply critical perspectives including those of world-renowned media and cultural theorists, and will examine how social, historical, political and economic contexts affect media production.

You will also have the opportunity to apply what you have learned through the production of your own media texts, exploring and creating media forms such as music videos, magazines, television, websites and film marketing.

A Level Media Studies Curriculum Map


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