Media Studies

Grade 5 or above at GCSE in English and English literature is preferred.
Media Studies will challenge and extend your understanding of contemporary and historical media. You will be introduced to and engage in the in-depth study of media products in relation to the four areas of the theoretical framework: media language, representation, media industries and media audiences.
You will analyse how meanings and representations are constructed as well as considering how media products are influenced by social, cultural, historical and industry (including economic and political) contexts.
A wide range of relevant theoretical approaches and theories are also studies and must be applied to your analysis of media products. These will include detailed study of media products that are audio-visual, online and print.
You will learn and use relevant media terminology and enhance your understanding of the ever-increasing role of the media in society, questioning and perhaps challenging the part that it plays in our lives. 
The course has, as a significant part, practical production projects involving a media technology. You will create a media product, applying your knowledge and understanding of media language, which will specify the intended audience and industry context.
For this element of the course you will need to have or develop a good knowledge of Photoshop. You will be required to research you projects independently and keep a research log so that your researchers can see a clear link between it and the resulting media product.
EXAMINATIONS AND ASSESSMENTS Component 1: meanings and representations in the media - written exam (2 hours 15 mins) 35% of qualification
Component 2: media forms and products in depth - written examination (2 hours 30 mins) 35% of qualification
Component 3: cross media production - non exam assessment, 30% of qualification
SKILLS, LINKS AND PROGRESSION Attractive features of the A level Media Studies course:
it will develop your media literacy quickly
it will involve the study of texts that are within your world and experience: the emphasis is on the contemporary
it will dovetail well into a number of other subjects – arts, design, sciences, social sciences or business based subjects
it will bring another way of looking at the world
it will give you an opportunity to produce your own media work and develop your media skills.