Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre is a resource for students to use as and when needed. It is a space for students to use who are experiencing difficulties accessing the curriculum and learning within school or a classroom setting.

For example, students in need of homework support and organisation or who are returning to school after a long period of absence who may need a personalised programme to assist their return to all lessons.

There are two full time members of staff available to speak to students at break and lunch times and the centre offers many services that are aimed to improve the opportunities and outcomes for students including:

Homework Club

Homework Club runs at breaks, lunches and after school to support students with any homework they have. Students have access to computers, stationary and have support from staff and homework prefects.


Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring is a weekly meeting in form time where an older student listens to and supports a younger student without judging. The older student will give advice and support so that the younger student can gain confidence and learn strategies to deal with the issue that has brought them to peer mentoring. Peer mentoring allows the younger student to gain perspective and move forward positively. The older student will be trained in mentoring, safeguarding and confidentiality.



Subject Coaching

Subject coaching is a weekly meeting during form time where an older student helps a younger student overcome their difficulties in a particular subject area. The session allows the student to work at their own pace, repeat exercises, ask questions and enables them to develop their skills to work independently. Training is given to the older student in advance of the sessions.


One to One Mentoring

Students referred for mentoring typically have an initial meeting with an allocated member of staff to identify their needs, followed by 3-4 mentoring sessions.


Shine Awards

At termly intervals staff are asked to nominate students for Shine Awards. These awards are typically for students that have gone above and beyond in any aspect of their work, behaviour and attitude.



The centre arranges workshops for groups of students at different times of the year when a need has been identified such as high achievers team building, stress management and Bikeability.


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